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Customizing raw data display

Raw data display (low number of channels)

Raw data of only a few signals is displayed in seperately selectable axes, as shown for ECG and its associated IBI trace below. You can navigate the available data either by using the scrollbar on the bottom part of the window and zoom in using the mouse wheel. Or you can click right, left, above and below the axes area to navigate right, navigate left, zoom out and zoom in respectively. The white boxes below the time scrollbar indicate value and time points at the mouse position of the currently selected signal.

You can also zoom  and navigate using the mouse wheel: moving the mouse wheel forward will zoom in on the current position of the mouse, the other direction will zoom out on this position.

You can set the window limits and size manually or read their values from the time toolbar, which shows left limit, right limit and window size in seconds. On the far right is the "show total interval" button, which will zoom out to a maximum to display all available data.