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Amplitude scaling

Timing, baseline and amplitude settings are configured using the "navigator" docking window. Spinboxes on the top and bottom of the navigator window allow you to set the maximum and mimimum ampltidue, arrow symbols do automatic scaling of either minimum or maximum amplitude or both values. Minimum and maximum amplitude values define amplitudes of the bottom and top axes edge on the 2d graphs and amlitudes associated with minimum and maximum colors on 3d graphs. When the center checkbox is activated, scaling adjustments are done symmetrically to zero. Amplitudes can be rounded with the small circular -buttons on the left of the amplitude spin boxes. Polarity can be reversed to negative up with the +/--button below the maximum amplitude spin box.

Amplitude settings are remembered separately for 3 types of graphs: standard ERP/F graphs, global power plots (GP) and zoomed sensors (Zoom). You can select the currently active setting using the dropdown box in the top left corner of the natvigator window.