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Use  the Open data file button on the study folder toolbar to open a datafile(s).  The data import is managed - as for all analysis types - by the import signals dialog. The only relevant differences during ERP/ERF data import is 1) that you usually select to load all available channels and 2) the additional sensor configuration field, where you can see which sensor configuration will be used.

In case the automatically selected sensor configuration is not appropriate you can browse for a different configuration file. To change the policy of the automatic configuration selection, modify the list of configurations on the "configure study" dialog:

Configuration files are selected from top to bottom of this list, whichever entry is the first to have the correct number of channels in it's filename right before the file extension.

To load several evoked signals, repeat the described data import procedure, but be aware that data in files must have equal number of channels and sample points. File names are listed on the bottom left corner of the data display, and the active signal is highlighted.

Signals are also listed in the drop down box on the very top of the properties docking window: