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Installation guide for Linux

Installing EMEGS (Qt version) binaries using the installation package (.rpm or .deb)

EMEGS (Qt version) requires above all Qt4 (Qt4.7 or above, not Qt5), openGL, LAPACK, BLAS, libgfortran, libglut,  and standard C/C++ libraries.  Download the EMEGS (Qt version) installation package from http://www.emegs.org and install it using the package manager of your LINUX distro (zypper on openSUSE, apt-get on Ubunut), as it will probably deduce the depencies automatically and download the required files.

For instance on openSUSE 12.3 and qemegs-1.9, after download the RPM and CDing to the download directory, type as root

zypper install qemegs-1.9-1.i586.rpm

On Ubuntu and qemegs 2.0, type

sudo apt-get install qemegs_2.0_i386.deb

Installing and configuring R

If and only if you wish to run an ANOVA on ERP/ERF-data in R, you need to correctly configure the communication with R. In order to do this, download and install "R" with the RPM or from source (for instance from http://stat.ethz.ch/CRAN/).

Install the R-packages reshape2 and RSvgDevice,  for instance by typing in the R command prompt


To allow EMEGS (Qt version) to communicate with R, you need to install the R-package Rserve and start the Rserve by typing