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Selected papers using EMEGS:

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    Selected method papers with EMEGS:
    • Junghöfer, M., Elbert, T., Leiderer, P., Berg, P., & Rockstroh, B. (1997). Mapping EEG-potentials on the surface of the brain: a strategy for uncoveringcortical sources. Brain Topography, 9(3), 203-17.
    • Junghöfer, M., Elbert, T., Tucker, D.M., & Rockstroh, B. (2000). Statistical controlof artifacts in dense array EEG/MEG studies. Psychophysiology, 37(4), 523-32.
    • Junghöfer, M., Elbert, T., Tucker, D.M., & Braun, C. (1999). The polar average reference effect: a bias in estimating the head surface integral in EEG recording. Clinical Neurophysiology, 110(6), 1149-55.
    • Junghöfer, M., Peyk, P., Flaisch, T., & Schupp, H. T. (2006). Neuroimaging methods in affective neuroscience: Selected methodological issues. Progress in Brain Research, 156, 31-51.