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Value export & calculations

The simplest form of a "calculation", is the value export. Data can be modified before value extraction using filters, intervals, sensor groups, normalization, differentiation or a scaling factor. Each of these transformations corresponds to a separate page on the value export sheet and is exlained in more detail below.

"data in"

Value export can either be done from ERP/ERF data files listed in the batch docking window, or from "peripheral-physiology" data in a MySQL database. This choice must be made on the "data in"-page of the value export sheet of the calculate dialog ( see below).

==> Please note that currently, only export of ERP/ERF data from datafiles "in the batch" is implemented.

"data out"

Values are written to a standard textfile by default. For ERP/ERF data, you can alternatively choose to overwrite the files in the batch,  save renamed copies with the modified values next to the original files, or save files in a specific folder using different file formats. The last option ("statistics export") is used only when the exported values are sent directly for factorial analysis in R, and cannot be selected manually.

==> Please note that currently, only export in a standard textfile is implemented.

"multiply with a constant"


"lowpass filter"

"highpass filter"

"stopband filter"

"spatial filter"


"sensor groups"