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data review and visualization

4.1 raw data display (low number of channels)
4.2 raw data display (high number of channels)
4.3 2d ERP/ERF display
4.3a Data import
4.3b Sensor configurations
4.3c Amplitude scaling
4.3d Baseline settings & timing
4.3e Customizing 2d graphs
4.3f  Intervals
4.3g Sensor groups
4.3h Channel zoom
4.3i Global Power
4.3j Snapshots and printing
4.4 3d ERP/ERF display
4.4a Coloring options
4.4b Statistical coloring
4.4c Intervals
4.4d Plot formats
4.4e Customizing 3d graphs
4.4f Render models
4.4g Sensors
4.4h Sensor positioning
4.4i Spherical spline interpolation
4.4j lights
4.4k cover
4.4l plot arrays
4.4m Snapshots and printing
4.5 Database data display

EMEGS uses different modes of displaying curve data, depending on the number of channels, the data type, and wether an EEG/MEG sensor configuration is available. In addition, for ERP/ERF data with a given sensor configuration, 3d displays can be created.