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Snapshots and printing (2d)

Snapshots are configured on the snapshot tab of the options browser dock widget, and triggered from the file toolbar using the camera icon.  File format and image quality can be selected, with SVG as standard vector graphics format for curve plots. SVG files can be opened with Adobe Illustrator (commercial) on Windows (and then converted to a windows metafile for editing in Microsoft Office) or with Inkscape (open source, see http://www.inkscape.org) on all major platforms (Linux, Max OS X, Windows).

Microsoft Windows specific:
On Windows, if Inkscape is installed, you can additionally activate automatic conversion to a windows metafile.  To enable EMEGS (Qt version) to call Inkscape, activate the corresponding checkbox in the EMEGS (Qt version) options and specify the full path of the Inkscape executable ("inkscape.exe" on Windows) on your computer (something like "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\inkscape.exe"). If setup in this way, you can also activate the "copy to clipboard" option, which will let you paste the graph directly into other office applications.